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C O M M O N   C O R E   P O S I T I O N

At Rochester Christian School, we don't shy away from national standards, but we aren't handcuffed by them either. So when it comes to Common Core, we take the best and leave the rest. That means a big "yes" to higher standards, challenging curriculum, and deeper learning. What we don't believe in is a one-size-fits-all approach, limiting teacher creativity, or an over-reliance on standardized testing.


Our teachers have the flexibility and responsibility to do what's best for their students. The result is a dynamic, Christ-centered education that equips students to develop their God-given abilities and use them to their fullest potential for His glory.


Discover our common sense approach to Common Core yourself!



What RCS teachers are saying about Common Core:


"What I don't like is that the pace is way too fast. But here, I can choose the pace. In public school I would be leaving some students behind. I can slow down, speed up, add, and take away from a lesson based on student need."

- Michelle Selvaggio, Principal


"When evaluating teaching material, I ask: Is this going to be beneficial to their learning? And I adjust as I go, taking pieces out and adding pieces in. I know my students and am able to move at their pace."

- Nathan Holdridge


"We have not adopted the Common Core curriculum as a whole. However, we use parts of it that will enrich our program. One reason that we chose not to use the whole curriculum, is the lack of differentiated instruction in the modules. We want the rigor, but we still need a scaffold to build from. We meet our students where they are and challenge them. Common Core does not look at how different children learn. Having standards is fine, but we need to teach individuals. Differentiated instruction is the smartest innovation to ever hit education, but it takes a lot of time and effort."

- Deborah Abbey



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