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Foundational courses of ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies and Bible are also augmented with these specialties

These include:

  • Art

  • Band

  • Music

  • Chamber Orchestra

  • Gym (2 times weekly)

  • Intramural Sports

  • Worship Team


RCS teachers are intentional about equipping the minds and nurturing the hearts of our elementary students.  A sense of community is evident in each classroom where both academic and spiritual growth is developed through the use of Faith Enhancing Practices and Essential Questions.  Instructional planning is focused on student success, and attention is paid to cultural differences, learning styles and individual learner abilities. Collaborative teams of teachers meet, not only to plan lessons and share ideas, but to pray for each child.  We recognize that children learn in different ways; therefore units are designed to engage all students, and to promote active thinking.  Parents who are able are encouraged to participate in the learning process and volunteer for many special projects and activities.


Our elementary curriculum is aligned with New York State standards, yet is not dictated by it.  RCS standards include the comprehensive goals of instructing students who are

  • academically prepared

  • Biblically discerning and

  • spiritually growing


Our students enter Middle School with a sense of confidence, belonging and acceptance, and respect for each member of their community.

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