Rochester Christian School holds two fundraisers each year to support our budget.  The RCS FUNd RUN, our Fall fundraiser, is scheduled for Friday, November 22th.  We realize tuition requires a significant financial investment for families.  Something you may not know is that the actual cost of educating a student at RCS is more than $1,000 above the listed tuition!  Our fundraisers are a great way to fill in the gap.  


The goal for the FUNd RUN is $18,000 which is roughtly $100 per child.


You can be a part of making it a success!!  Sponsor a student or students to run as many laps as they can or simply make a donation using the donation button on the right.  If you prefer to mail a donation, please note the name of the child you are sponsoring (or write "general donation") and mail your check to:


Rochester Christian School
260 Embury Rd. 

Rochester, NY 14625



text Fund Run to 445-7135 to receive a donation link

FUNd Run Glow Run!

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The Challenge

The Event

The FUNd RUN 2019