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M I D D L E   S C H O O L

Excited, energetic, questioning, challenging – these are some of the characteristics of Middle School students.  Our dedicated teachers have the wonderful privilege and responsibility of positively influencing these young adults as they develop their intellectual, social-emotional and physical selves.  They will discover an intentional faith integration in every curricular area as the RCS staff instructs through the lens of a Christian worldview.  The use of Essential Questions promotes higher level thinking and encourages a faith connection to the world outside the classroom walls.  The modeling of personal faith lessons, discussing important life questions and dilemmas, and other Faith Enhancing Practices are purposefully utilized by teachers to nurture student spiritual growth.  The care and concern for each student is evidenced by planning and prayer.  Even our Health curriculum has been selected for its intentional faith integration.  Most importantly, each student is known and respected for the unique person whom God has created.  As one of our students reported, “Even when I mess up, my teachers care about me.”


Our Shared Commitments have been designed to further the respectful partnership between staff member, student and parent.  Click here to view this document.


The foundational courses of ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Bible and Foreign Language are augmented by additional opportunities for the Middle School students to pursue their interests or develop new skills.  These include:

  • Algebra (view more info on Advanced Mathematics)

  • Art

  • Band

  • Chamber Orchestra

  • Chorus

  • Computer Technology

  • Drama

  • Eighth Grade Trip

  • Intramural Sports

  • Leadership Team

  • Students of Distinction

  • Select Choir

  • Service Projects (F.I.S.H.)

  • Worship Team

  • Yearbook


Online grades are always available for parents, as are weekly communications regarding projects, tests, and special events.  Parents can be assured that a comprehensive and enriching learning community is alive in the RCS Middle School!

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