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RCS offers a wide variety of ways for students to utilize their musical gifts. All grade levels attend music class once per week. We also invite students to join band, orchestra, and Worship Team. Private instrument lessons are available for piano, strings, brass, woodwind, and percussion.

There are three school concerts throughout the year:

  • The Christmas Concert in December

  • The Arts Gala in March

  • The Spring Concert in June

Other performance opportunities occur during Grandbuddy Day, the Talent Show, and Reflections.

Each concert features a variety of vocal and instrumental music. All students from preschool through 5th grade are expected to participate in the concerts, as well as middle school band, orchestra, and worship team members. For more information see our Instrumental Music Lesson Handbook



RCS offers art classes for students in each grade. Art projects cover some of the different elements (color, texture, space, shape, value, line, and form) of art based on the level of each grade.


The art curriculum also incorporates elements of other subjects, integrating the different skills students use in their day-to-day life.

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