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Students of Distinction

RCS started recognizing outstanding students in the 1997-1998 school year with a chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. For many reasons, this year we opted to forego our membership in that organization and create a program more distinctively Christian and more particularly suited to Rochester Christian School. So, while this was our seventeenth annual induction ceremony, this was a very special year, for it was also the Inaugural Ceremony of the Rochester Christian School Students of Distinction program.

Rochester Christian School's Mission states: Partnering with parents to develop a child's head, heart, and hands for Jesus Christ through God's word and academic excellence. In accordance with that mission, RCS seeks to honor those students who have shown, and continue to show, a true desire to honor God through scholarship (head), character (heart), and service (hands).

The 2016 Students of Distinction are: 8th Grade - Mikayla Cruttenden, Andrew Passero, Savanna Ramsay, Dan Taylor, Jon Taylor; 7th Grade - Danae Passero, Katie Selvaggio, Luke Stefan, Connor Torrell.

Well done Students of Distinction. We are proud of you!

—Mrs. Michelle Selvaggio

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