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After-School Clubs

At the end of September, RCS launched its highly successful afterschool programs. For ten weeks, students have the opportunity to participate in Chess Club, Lego Club, Drama Club, and Running Club.

On Mondays, 12 students gather in the library to learn about chess from a representative from the Rochester Chess Club. After each lesson, students engage in chess matches with each other.

On Tuesdays, 30 students gather in both the library and the 1st grade classroom to participate in Lego club. Led by Aimee Phillips and Ebony Henderson, students are given building projects and Legos with which to complete their build. At the end of the session, students share their creations with the others in the class.

Wednesdays are Drama Club Day, with 12 students from kindergarten to 3rd grade working with drama coaches from Drama Kids. Students learn how to speak in front of a group and work together to create stories.

Finally, on Thursdays 15 students join Mrs. Freeman in the Running Club. Students are learning to increase their running distance in hopes of completing a 5K run at the end of October.

This session of afterschool programs will be ending on November 22. Be looking for more information about different afterschool clubs between Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as a spring session.

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