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2017 National Geography Bee

Over the past twenty years Rochester Christian School has participated in the annual National Geographic Bee that tests students’ knowledge of Social Studies. While most questions focus on geography, students are also tested on their knowledge of history, economics, and culture. Most of the students enjoy the challenge -- even if a few worry when they can’t answer ALL the hard questions! In December we held the preliminary round, where one student was chosen to represent each class from grades 4 to 8. Along with these 5 students, the next top 5 students also move on the school championship round, which was held on January 12. [Note: due to a tie, we had 11 students in the championship round.] The 11 students were: Faith Wong, Katie Selvaggio, Danae Passero, and Savannah Domenech from grade 8, Jacob Postema & Catharine Runion from grade 7, AJ Trues- dell & Zach Pelitera from grade 6, Levi Bryd & Lizzie Runion from grade 5, and Kayli Norman from grade 4.

The competition in the gym was very good and the top eleven were slowly whittled down. A few more years of school and education gave older children an advantage, as the top five were all from 7th & 8th grade. Danae took fifth place, Catharine took fourth place, and Savannah finished third. Faith and Jacob squared off in the final round, where Jacob got 2 out 3 correct to become the RCS 2017 Geography Bee School Champion!

This is Jacob’s second win (he won as a 5th grader) and he now will take an online test of 45-50 questions. If he does well enough on this test, he will be invited to go to Albany, NY (again) sometime this Spring. There he will compete to be our NY State Champion and represent our state during the National Contest held later this year. Congratulations to all the contestants and our hope that Jacob will do well and be able to represent Rochester Christian School in Albany.

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