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Sponsor a Student (Or Mrs. Selvaggio) for the FUNd Run!!

Rochester Christian School holds two fundraisers each year to support our budget. The RCS FUNd RUN, our Fall fundraiser, is scheduled for Friday, November 17th. We realize tuition requires a significant financial investment for families. Something you may not know is that the actual cost of educating a student at RCS is more than $1,000 above the listed tuition! Our fundraisers are a great way to fill in the gap.

The goal for the FUNd RUN is $18,000 which is roughtly $100 per child.

You can be a part of making it a success!! Sponsor a student or students to run as many laps as they can or simply make a donation using the donation button on the right. If you prefer to mail a donation, please note the name of the child you are sponsoring (or write "general donation") and mail your check to:

Rochester Christian School 260 Embury Rd.

Rochester, NY 14625


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