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School Spirit Day!

Monday, Nov 13th was School Spirit Day as we build up to our FUNd RUN on Friday Nov 17th! Each class picked a theme! We had Busy Bees, Super Heros, VIP's, Sleeping Giants, Firecrackers, Nerds, Swedish Fish, Sports Teams, and Wampanoag Tribe Members (combining school spirit with history lesson)! 4 days 'til the GLOW FUNd RUN!! Make a donation to sponsor a student by THIS Wednesday to count towards the classroom competition. You can also sponsor the principal (see video on the link at the end of this blog). If the principal can raise $500 in sponsors by Friday, Nov 17th, she will make a sequel video which may include running!! Donations are also accepted after the FUNd RUN is complete. Our goal is $18,000!! Find out more at -

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