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The Advantage of Middle School at RCS - Part 1 (The K-8 Environment)

"A large body of research suggests that students who go to middle school or junior high do worse academically, socially and emotionally, compared to the young teenagers who get to be the oldest students at schools with grades K-8" - NPR

Rochester Christian School (RCS) is a place where sixth, seventh, and eighth graders build confidence by being school leaders and role models in a K-8 environment. With our smaller class sizes and our dedicated staff, individual students are known and the challenges of early adolescence are met with encouragement, support and security. At RCS we partner with parents to develop a student's head, heart and hands, even through the middle school years. When students graduate, they not only have an academic advantage, but they have a social and emotional one as well.

Read the full NPR article (here) to find out more about how K-8 schools provide middle school students with an advantage.

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