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Crayons from Rochester to Guatemala

Rochester Christian School strives not only to grow the students minds and hearts but also to change they way they live. Our first grade class was given the challenge to bring in 100 boxes of crayons for children in Guatemala. The students were supposed to find ways to earn money and buy the crayons themselves (not just ask mom). Over 100 boxes of crayons poured in to the classroom.

My family and I took the crayons to Guatemala over spring break. One day we did activities with 150 kids that were invited to a church from the surrounding homes. Each child received a Bible coloring book and some crayons. We also served the children lunch. On another day we went to a christian school and did similar activities with the kids. We gave them a coloring book and crayons. The kids held on to the crayons like it was a treasure.

It was very special to say to the children that these crayons were given to them by children from Rochester Christian School.

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