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Arts Gala Extravaganza!

Each year we take time in March to celebrate the arts with our Annual Arts Gala. This year the tradition continued with outstanding showings in Art and Music. Mrs. Collins (Art TK-8) transformed the school into an inspiring art museum with all grades represented. The work she does with the students is truly incredible with a wide variety of art forms including paintings, drawings, sculptures, collage and so much more! She is truly blessing our students with her artistic teaching talents! (continue reading after photos)

(8th grade student selling her paintings to raise money for practical supplies for the homeless.)

During the evening we were also rewarded with brilliant performances from our band, orchestra, bucket bands, recorder karate troup, and a selection of fine soloists. The combined teaching talents of Mrs. Hamway (PreK-2 General Music and Orchestra) and Mrs. Uhlman (3-8 General Music and Band) were revealed as their love for the musical arts was reflected in each student musician who performed. What a delight to hear and see students enjoying the language of music! (continuing reading after photos).

Last but not least, our evening included a fun and exciting Scholastic Book Fair. Mrs. Goodnough (Librarian), along with some helpful volunteers, organized a diverse array of books and goodies for the literary minded. Proceeds from the book fair return to support our school and classroom libraries!

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