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RCS Has Talent - Take 2

Do you sing, dance, do martial arts, or magic tricks? Then you would have been right at home at the RCS's second annual RCS Has Talent show. From dog trainers to actors to gymnasts, the talent was out in force and we were amazed! The show started off with a bang as one of our 3rd graders roused the crowed with a hand-clapping rendition of "Old Church Choir" by Zach Williams. Next up we had some of our youngest pianists and a wee dog trainer who wowed the audience with some tricky tricks. From there dancers graced the stage with a wide variety of dance styles that won our hearts and our admiration for their hard work. We had a state champion gymnast, an amazing middle school magician, a musical theater act, instrumentalists and so much more. Make sure to come out for next year's RCS Has Talent. You will not be disappointed.


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