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The Advantage of Middle School at RCS -Part 3 (Faith and Heart for Service)

RCS emphasizes the belief that Christian faith should influence all spheres of live, including the pursuit of knowledge. Teachers intentionally integrate faith into every aspect of their classrooms and curriculum. We seek to deepen our students' faith through daily devotions, prayer, scripture memory, group reflections and multi-age small group activities. We regularly come together as a school and as individual classes to notice, pray for and serve the world around us. Our F.I.S.H. (Faithful in Serving Him) program develops servant-like attitudes and behaviors through individual projects in the middle school. Through Middle School, students continue to build Biblical literacy with foundational and insightful Bible classes. Our graduates have a solid grasp of God's word, the church, their unique calling and purpose, what it means to serve others, and how be a light to our changing culture.

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