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The Advantage of Middle School at RCS - Part 4 (Technological Opportunity and Vision)

At RCS we equip students for a technology driven world. Starting in Middle School we offer 1:1 chromebooks which provide students access to their work wherever they have access to their account. Chromebooks are monitored in and out of school with GoGuardian. We use Google Classroom starting in the younger grades where students learn to work interactively and collaboratively with technology to develop a wide variety of skills, including typing. The RCS Tech Team in Middle School gives students with the opportunity to work with real technological situations. They update chromebooks, maintain SMARTboards, create educational videos, and do research on chromebook programs and apps. It is our goal to ensure all students are techologically prepared to succeed in our world today. Our vision begins in Kindergarten and builds skills through Middle School. RCS graduates are able to: navigate technology for use across content areas; collaborate and communicate effectively online with fellow classmates and instructors; and research and develop media based presentations or videos to engage our world.

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