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The Advantage of Middle School at RCS - Part 5 (Athletic Opportunity)

The Middle School sports program at RCS is unique because it offers students the opportunity to develop skills at a competitive level while also practicing good sportmanship. Our coaches emphasize character, integrity, teamwork, hard work, friendships, and joy in their sport. At RCS, every team member is important. We offer soccer, basketball, volleyball and track. We are members of WNYCSAA and The Private-Parochial League (part of NY Section 5 sports). The sports at RCS are fun and build a sense of middle school unity and school loyalty. Many of our athletes go on to compete in High School and even college. In 2018, three RCS alumni went on to compete in high school track at the State Qualifiers.

RCS Undefeated Soccer Champions

RCS Basketball with Mr. O

RCS Track Team Members




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