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The Advantage of Middle School at RCS - Part 6 (Music and The Arts)

Students at RCS are given many opportunities to develop their music and artistic abilities. Beginning in Kindergaren, we offer instrument and vocal lessons, music classes, chorus, bell choir, and worship team. When students reach fifth grade they can also engage in band, orchestra, combined band and orchestra, worship team, and continued music education. Each of these activities reinforce a remarkable array of mental habits essential in the development of the well rounded student such as reflection, creativity, innovation, self-criticism, and the ability to experiment and learn from their mistakes.

Students also partake in an excellent art program which includes exposure to a wide variety of mediums and tools. Our annual Fine Arts Gala offers a night to celebrate both student art and music. In the Spring our art department produces a play in which students create sets, help with costumes, act, and manage the stage.

At RCS we encourage flexibility, expression, imagination, and the ability to shift direction. These skills along with innovation, problem solving, and critical thinking, are essential components of a student preparing for the increasingly complex life and work environments of our current world.

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