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About Rochester Christian School


Partnering with parents to develop a child's head, heart and hands for Jesus Christ through God's Word and academic excellence.



Rochester Christian School endeavors to educate children for lives of obedience to their calling in the world as image-bearers of the triune God.  This calling includes knowing God’s Word and His creation, consecrating the whole of human life to God, loving their fellow man, being stewards of God’s creation, and faithfully carrying out their God-given tasks. Our goal is to help prepare students from Christian families to live fully for God in a rapidly changing world, with the ability to understand, evaluate, and transform the world from the foundation of God's unchanging values. By God’s grace, we will accomplish this goal by providing a high-quality elementary and middle school education that effectively integrates Biblical truths in all areas of life with each child developing his or her abilities to their greatest potential.



Rochester Christian School was formed in 1917 by a group of parents committed to providing a thoroughly Christian education for their children. By the grace of God, RCS has remained true to that mission, equipping the children of Christian families to live lives of obedience to God for over 100 years.​


RCS Corporation

Rochester Christian School is owned and operated by the Rochester Christian School Corporation, which is comprised of parents and friends of the school who subscribe to the constitution and by-laws of the Corporation.  The basis of the Corporation is the infallible Word of God, interpreted from a Reformed perspective.  Corporation members support the school with effort, time, and/or financial contributions because they are dedicated to Christian education.  Parents of students attending RCS are encouraged to seek membership in the Corporation.



RCS Foundation


The Mission of the Foundation is to ensure the future of Christian education at Rochester Christian School through the creation of an Endowment Fund.  The Foundation accomplishes this mission by offering donors an opportunity to make an endowed contribution to the school in an area of interest.



The purpose of the Foundation is to ensure the success of Rochester Christian School by providing financial support.  The Foundation supports and underwrites Christ-centered education at Rochester Christian School by reducing the cost of tuition, providing scholarships to families in need, providing capital improvement support, and targeting financial resources where they are needed most.  The Foundation’s endowment accepts and manages tax-deductible gifts of property, securities, life insurance, bequests, memorials, cash and other forms of contributions for the benefit of Rochester Christian School.


Gifts to the Endowment Fund are held in trust in separate accounts with only a portion of the earned income from the principal investment used to aid the school.  Undistributed earnings are reinvested into the fund, allowing for continuing growth.  In other words, it’s a gift that keeps on giving every year by using the approach of long term planning for the financial needs and security of the school.

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