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We want to do our best to keep you informed & up to date. Please use the links below to access information relevant to the school year.  For any further information, contact the school office at office@rochesterchristianschool.org.

2021 Bridgework Update:


While Rochester Christian School does not require summer work, we strongly encourage our students to have fun with math over the summer months! Talk to your children when you’re in a store, restaurant, or other situation where money concepts are being used. Have your child cook with or for you to reinforce those measurement skills. Building creations out of Legos or other building materials really helps reinforce those visual spatial skills. 

A few minutes each day working on math facts to reinforce and review is probably the best way to help retain those skills during the summer months. To assist parents who would like a little more by way of “formal” math practice, here are a few online suggestions. (Please note that in some cases an online account, although free, is required.)

Grades K-4

Grades 5-8

We also strongly encourage our students to read, read, and read over the summer months! To assist parents in finding literature for independent reading, we are making the following suggestions. This is not a comprehensive list, nor is it a list unique to RCS. This list has been adapted from “Summer Reading: A Grade-By-Grade Summer Reading List for Kids” by Justin Taylor from The Gospel Coalition. The full blog post may be found here: TCG Blog

Please note: not all books are suitable for all children. Please use your discretion when helping your child choose. As with everything, a book must be read with Scripture as our final standard. 

Also, grade levels are a good estimation of the point at which a child is able to enjoy a book, however parents should absolutely check out the list for the grade prior and the grade above a child’s current grade level as many books will be suitable from either of those lists as well.

Finally, we encourage you to read with your child! The discussions that come from reading books together can be incredibly rewarding and very important in your child’s spiritual formation.

Books with a “+” denote that any title in that series would be acceptable.


First Grade Reading List


Second Grade Reading List

Third Grade Reading List


Fourth Grade Reading List


Fifth Grade Reading List

Sixth Grade Reading List

Seventh Grade Reading List

Eighth Grade Reading List