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A D V A N C E D   M A T H E M A T I C S

The world is indeed rapidly changing, as evident in the technological advances and growth occurring within the business community.  At Rochester Christian School, the firm belief that providing not only baseline standards, but also exceeding them, is necessary as we prepare students to continue in their progression of mathematical studies and subsequent careers in the local community.  Building on a base of excellence, we not only challenge students to work to their fullest potential, but also provide an academic climate for them to succeed in an advanced course of study in mathematics.


The RCS middle school math program measures student progress and capabilities.  Students who have both demonstrated a capability for handling complex mathematical concepts and desire an advance pace of study are selected to participate in the Algebra I course.  After completing this course, RCS graduates have continued their ninth grade studies at the enriched, advanced, accelerated and honors levels course in Geometry.


Course Description – Algebra I:  This course forms the foundation for the study of mathematics in high school. Students develop an understanding of fundamental algebraic properties and constantly review the operations of the real number system. Students develop good problem solving and communication skills as they learn to separate a difficult problem into manageable steps using clear mathematical language and notation. The first semester is a thorough treatment of linear functions, while in the second semester quadratic and other polynomials are addressed. Computers and calculators are used as tools to explore the world of mathematics.


Criteria for Admission:  Algebra I is enriched ninth grade math taken in eighth grade.  Taking this course enables qualifying students to follow the advanced track of High School Mathematics.  The following criteria are used as the minimum for placement in Algebra I:

  1. A cumulative math stanine score of at least 15 on 6th and 7th grade Iowa Basic Skills Test

  2. A final 7th grade math score of at least 91%

  3. The 7th grade math teacher’s recommendation.

  4. The criteria is intended to place students in a math class where they can work to their fullest potential without being frustrated over course content and/or pace. This class is open to all eighth grade students who demonstrate a desire and skill set for advanced mathematics study.  The class remains popular with many students seeking admission into this program.


Calculator Requirement:  All students are required to have a Texas Instrument 84 Plus (TI 84 Plus) as a minimum standard.  This calculator is a good investment as students will be required to use this device in continuing high school mathematics courses.

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